The Pros and Cons of Offereing Cloud Storage Solutions for Security Systems

September 1, 2020

Cloud storage is in its prime and a reliable source for many businesses. There are many pros to using this method for your security needs but there are a few cons as well, making it a good idea to have a second option. This does not mean cloud storage is a bad idea, in fact,…

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Private Investigators and Social Media

August 28, 2020

Can private investigators use social media in their cases? Private Investigators are a widely underrated profession. PI’s are needed to help in many different legal battles and they can be very good at what they do, but what are their limits? Accessing public social media accounts is completely legal and any information found is admissible. Private…

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The Rise of Security Bots

August 26, 2020

Security bots have been a technological discussion for several years and the idea is becoming more common, but it’s hard not to wonder how would this effect the security guard industry. These bots were designed to aid officers on duty rather than to replace them. It’a helpful to think of these bots as mobile security…

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